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Do you love the choice, control and flexibility that Enhanced Lifestyles offers? Do you want lower priced and higher quality services which are delivered by friendly and qualified carers?

Our Customer Relations Officer is dedicated to ensuring your smooth transition into our service

Join now and receive a service tailored to your individual needs; your service, your way!

If you would like a service which is tailored to your needs and where you have the choice and control over every aspect of the delivery of those services, join as a customer of Enhanced Lifestyles today!

Contact our dedicated Customer Relations Officer who will assist you to tailor your services to meet your needs.

Bronni Siggs

Bronni Siggs

Customer Relations Officer

Meet Bronni Siggs! Bronni has 16 years’ experience working the community sector and loves meeting new people. She is dedicated to transitioning new customers into our services, facilitating an 8-week transition program for everyone who joins with Enhanced Lifestyles. The program is customised to suit your needs including increasing or decreasing the times of contact depending not only on the complexity of your service, but on how much contact you would like to have.

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Example of your 8 week transition program

Before joining Enhanced Lifestyles

You contact the Customer Relations Officer requesting to transition her services to Enhanced Lifestyles

The Customer Relations Officer arranges to meet you and your family or advocate network to tailor and customise a service plan/agreement. This is done either via a face-to-face meeting or a phone appointment

The Customer Relations Officer meets/talks with you and a service plan/agreement is decided upon and signed

The Customer Relations Officer organises for Lifestyle Attendants (support workers) to attend meet and greets with you so you can select your team of Lifestyle Attendants

Once you have decided upon your team, the Customer Relations Officer assists you to create your first roster

Your services then commence and your 8 week transition program begins to support you with your services.

Enhanced Lifestyles 8 Week Program

Week 1 to 4

Week 1: The Customer Relations Officer makes 3 phone calls throughout the week to you to check on your services and team of Lifestyles Attendants

Week 2: The Customer Relations Officer speaks to you twice

Week 3: The Customer Relations Officer speaks to you twice

Week 4: The Customer Relations Officer attends a home visit with you to see how your services are. You discuss what is or isn’t working and make any adjustments necessary to your team and roster.

Mid-program Assessment

If Mary decides her services are stable and wants less contact, the Customer Relations Officer will not speak to you again until the 8 weeks have finished. You can always re-activate the bi-weekly phone calls at any point

Week 5 to 8

Week 5: The Customer Relations Officer speaks to you twice

Week 6: The Customer Relations Officer speaks to you twice

Week 7: The Customer Relations Officer speaks to you twice

Week 8: The Customer Relations Officer and one of the members of the Service Delivery Team attends a home visit with you. The Customer Relations Officer and you discuss your services with the Service Delivery Officer, who will now take over the management of your services provided you are happy with the transition process

What happens to you now?

The Service Delivery Team will check in monthly with you to ensure you are happy with your services and act upon all feedback received about your roster and team. They will also conduct an annual review of your services each year and provide any phone support needed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Joining Enhanced Lifestyles